Red Dead Online Update Awards Players Free Gold Bars and Cash

A new Red Dead Online update is now available, version 1.05, and this morning Rockstar uploaded an official post to give players an inside look at everything it’s doing to improve the game. In addition to the general improvements you’d expect, Rockstar revealed that it has cleared up save data errors and addressed a few fan-reported exploits. Plus, there are freebies for almost everyone.

The opening weeks of the Red Dead Online beta may have been a little rocky for a handful of players, which is why Rockstar has decided to award all players with gold bars.

Here is the official note regarding the free Red Dead Online gold bars.

As a thank you for your ongoing support, we are awarding everyone who has played from the Red Dead Online Beta launch through this Thursday, December 20th with a gift of 15 additional gold bars. The awards will begin rolling out today and if you haven’t experienced the Red Dead Online Beta yet, play by Thursday, December 20th for eligibility. All gold bar gifts should be delivered by Monday, December 24th. Keep an eye out for an alert screen when entering the Red Dead Online Beta to confirm the gift.

And that’s not all. If you pre-ordered Red Dead Redemption 2, you will also be gifted some RDO$. The cash gift will go live on Friday, December 21, 2018, and it will be added to your character’s balance the next time you log in to Red Dead Online. Everyone who preordered the game will receive $100. Those who ordered the special edition will receive an additional $100, while those who ordered the ultimate edition will receive a whopping $1,000.

Rockstar is clearly dedicated to making Red Dead Online a long-term cash-co… Um, we mean, a long-lasting and evolving experience for its many fans, so stay tuned for all of the latest updates!