Joe Danger Readies 50-Bus Jump to PSN

February 27, 2010Written by Thomas Williams

Ladies and Gentlemen, get ready for Excitement! Thrills! And Spectacular jumps as Joe Danger readies his amazing acrobatic skills on a Motorcycle this Spring only on the PSN.

What’s Joe Danger all about you ask? Developer Hello Games have but one vision– To make games that will put a ‘Stoopid Grin’ on your face..and Joe Danger most certainly does that! Nominated for two awards at the Independent Game Festival, Joe Danger is a Motorcycle daredevil along the lines of Evil Kenevil, yet he makes Evil look like child’s play! Don’t believe me? Just check out the 100% Awesome Sauce of a trailer below.

Joe Danger looks to 1080 flip his way over a bath of ninja-sharks this Spring, only on the PSN.