PlayStation 3 Leap Year Bug Is History [UPDATE]

playstation 3

Well folks, it looks like the great PlayStation 3 leap year bug of 2010 is history. Hosts of PS3 owners (particularly those with the original Phat PS3’s) are reporting that the PSN is up and running just fine. In addition, games and add-ons purchased from the PlayStation Store are now playing just fine and trophy syncing has returned to normal.

So far there has no been no official announcement from Sony regarding what caused these issues, but most of us have been lead to believe that it had something to with the PS3’s internal clock. So far the general consensus indicates that everyone’s issues have been resolved, but we should probably wait for the “all clear” from the guys upstairs before we come out of our PSN-withdrawn vegetative states.

I can personally attest that everything is running smoothly here. My 60GB (Now 250GB) PS3 is up and running without any problems. Anything and everything hardware or network related has returned to normal, so feel free to go ahead and adjust your date and time to their appropriate place, it’s safe now.

Let’s have a group sigh of relief. Those few hours weren’t THAT bad now, we’re they? Who am I kidding, of course they were! Stay tuned to PlayStation LifeStyle for any further details regarding today’s events.

[UPDATE] Patrick Seybold, Sr. Director of Corporate Communications & Social Media for PlayStation has just released an official announcement on the Official US PlayStation Blog regarding the incident.

Patrick states the following:

We are aware that the internal clock functionality in the PS3 units other than the slim model, recognized the year 2010 as a leap year. Having the internal clock date change from February 29 to March 1 (both GMT), we have verified that the symptoms are now resolved and that users are able to use their PS3 normally.

If the time displayed on the XMB is still incorrect, users are able to adjust time settings manually or via the internet. If we have new information, we will update you through the PlayStation.Blog or

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Well, there’s our official confirmation, it looks like we were right all along…