RockStar’s Agent Still Deep Undercover

One of Sony’s biggest announcements at E3 2009 was that Rockstar is developing Agent exclusively for the PS3. It also happened to be the shortest announcement during Sony’s conference and very little information has been leaked since then. We’ve got good news for you: The game is still in development. We also have some bad news for you.

The bad news? That’s all that was said. Seriously.

The short answer on that is yes, it is still in development.

Said someone from Take Two during the company’s Q1 conference call. I’m sure Sony is trying their damnest to keep things ‘undercover’ until E3 this year, but I’ll give you a quick reminder of what we do know.

First, the game is being development by Rockstar North. Yeah, you read correctly..the team behind the GTA series is making the game, so it’s not hard to get excited. Next, it will be the “Ultimate Action Game” on the PS3. The game will also be “very fresh” to gamers (good luck with that guys!) and last, it will be “truly spectacular”. Guess what? That’s all we know, sadly.

You can can check out the official website if you like, just prepared to be disappointed as there’s nothing but the logo above.

Rockstar says Agent will hit the PS3 in 2010. But hey, this is a Rockstar game we’re talking about. Don’t be surprised if it’s pushed into 2011.