Agent Promises to Be “Very Fresh” to Gamers


Take-Two’s latest intellectual property and PlayStation 3 exclusive, Agent, made a brief appearance at the Sony Press Conference. But nothing new has come out about it besides its promise of being an “ultimate action” title. In another interview with Ben Feder of Rockstar Games, the CEO of Take-Two sets the record straight on media comparisons between Grand Theft Auto and Agent.

When asked about a comparison between this new I.P. and Rockstar’s previous Houser brothers production, GTA IV, Feder had this to say:

“It’s a completely different storyline, there is completely different character development. It’s a game about espionage, set in the 1970s. GTA is obviously more about an urban experience, a typically rags to riches experience. Very, very different storylines, very different character development. It’s going to be very fresh for gamers.”

Being a project by the Houser brothers, the original founders of Rockstar Games and the creators of the GTA series, this title is expected to be a blockbuster hit with the developers even saying that they’re expecting the PS3 to do for Agent what the PS2 did for GTA.