Grand Theft Auto VI Trailer illustration

Grand Theft Auto VI Will Be the ‘Biggest, Most Immersive’ Yet, Says Rockstar

Rockstar Games debuted the first Grand Theft Auto VI trailer last night, releasing it early in response to a recent leak. The studio also made big promises about the upcoming open-world crime sandbox game. This includes comments that it will be “the biggest, most immersive evolution of the Grand Theft Auto series yet.”

Rockstar makes big promises for GTA 6

“Grand Theft Auto VI continues our efforts to push the limits of what’s possible in highly immersive, story-driven open-world experiences,” said Rockstar founder Sam Houser in a statement. “We’re thrilled to be able to share this new vision with players everywhere.” The press release did not go into specifics about how the game achieves this. However, Rockstar’s last major release, Red Dead Redemption 2, showcased the company’s interest in immersive, narrative-driven, open-world games.  

The press release goes on to describe how GTA 6 will see players return to Vice City in the fictional state of Leonida. Fans last visited the Miami-inspired metropolis in 2002’s GTA: Vice City. However, while the 2002 game takes place in 1986, GTA 6 opts for a contemporary setting. Vice City is also the last of the 3D-era settings to return in an HD-era game.

2013’s Grand Theft Auto V only featured one of San Andreas’ three major cities. However, its map was larger by several orders of magnitude, depicting Los Santos on a larger scale and in greater detail. The press release essentially confirms that the new game will do the same for Vice City. Scenes from the Grand Theft Auto VI trailer also indicate its map extends beyond the city limits into an Everglades-inspired swampland.