Free Realms Reaches Milestone Number on PC, Zero on PS3

Free Realms, Sony Online Entertainment’s ‘freeminum’ MMO is flourishing on the PC. We reported last June that this ‘game’ hit 3 million users and you’re not going to believe the milestone it has reached since then.

Free Realms has reached 9 MILLION users in not even a year’s time. John Smedley, President of SOE told Next-Gen.Biz the amazing news and talked about why he thinks the game is so successful:

With Free Realms, we’ve been able to reflect the needs and wants of our players by keenly listening to their suggestions and feedback. We believe the persistent exercise of capturing in-game research inside Free Realms has been a huge contributing factor as to why we’ve attracted over nine million players in less than a year. It truly helps us give our players a game where they can do and be whatever they want.

The game being free to play sure helped too! My major question is: where’s some information about the PS3 version of Free Realms? We previously reported that the game should hit the PS3 in the middle of this year, yet nothing has been said about it since September 09. A free MMO on the PS3? There’s no way that would fail. Right. Right?!

With GDC 2010 starting next week, hopefully we will have some Free Realms news to report.