PS3 Reigns Supreme At Final Fantasy XIII Launch Event; 3D Support Inbound

The Final Fantasy XIII launch event in San Fransisco has come and gone, and despite an awesome sense of unity amongst all the Final Fantasy fans in attendance, one console definitely stood out amongst the rest, and that… was the PlayStation 3.

Yes, that’s right folks, a line of PS3’s stretching as far as the eye can see, pumping out the gorgeous visuals of Final Fantasy XIII in all its high-definition glory, with accompanying headsets for maximum immersion, of course. Sony’s overwhelming presence at the event not only brought PlayStation fans of all sorts together, but gave others the chance to see what the system is capable of and why it was the lead platform for our beloved series.

For those just getting into the fray, the PlayStation version of Final Fantasy XIII sits well above its Xbox 360 counterpart with uncompressed video, boasting a native resolution of 720p as opposed to the 360’s native resolution of about 576p, and uncompressed audio. This meant nothing but smiling faces throughout the night, as the game was viewed the way it was meant to be.

As if the night couldn’t get any better, Sid Shuman, senior social media specialist for PlayStation, was handed what appears to be 3D specs. Does this mean Final Fantasy XIII may be getting the 3D treatment sometime soon? More-so, was it available at the event? Only time will tell. But if there’s one game that would look absolutely stunning in 3D, it’s definitely Final Fantasy XIII.

Despite a big day for Sony, it really is nice to see that gamers everywhere, regardless of console, now have the opportunity to get their hands on Square Enix’s latest masterpiece. Now they can get back to work on our Final Fantasy VII remake. *wink*