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PlayStation Motion Controller Officially Named; Detailed

Since it’s debut at E3 2009, the PS3 motion controller has been known by the boring working title ‘Motion Controller’. Just a few weeks ago it rumored to be named ‘Arc’, a trademark and a domain name registration backed up those claims. However, a recent finding of a trademark for the name “Move” threw us for a curveball. Finally all the speculation can end, as the real name for the PS3 motion controller has officially been revealed.

Tonight during Sony’s GDC press conference, the PS3 motion controller has been detailed. Among the new information was a confirmation of the name Move. It will launch with 20 games, and support from 36 publishers.

More details are coming in, we’ll update you  further when all information has been revealed.

Here are a list of games debuted tonight:

  • Sports Champions
  • MoveParty
  • Motion Fighters

Here are the full details known so far:

  • Will be sold as a starter kit that comes with a game, controller, and PlayStation Eye for under $100
  • Will also be sold bundled with the PlayStation 3
  • Nunchuck confirmed, call PlayStation Move Sub-controller

Below are some pics of the games available for the upcoming controller: