Dragon Age 2 Release Date Possibly Revealed

Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening, the anticipated expansion pack to the original BioWare title, drops very soon (March 16). Considering the game’s close release, retail copies of Awakening are being sent out to the press. However, almost immediately after opening the retail box – something suspicious was found.

1UP has received their early retail copy of Dragon: Age Origins – Awakening, and have snapped a picture of something awfully peculiar. In front of the expansion’s manual is a small card, with Dragon Age’s signature blood red dragon. The interesting part is what else is on the card – a date of February 1st 2011. A date which could possibly be for Dragon Age 2. Also put into consideration that February 1st of next year is a Tuesday, the main weekday release for games.

What’s interesting is that in EA’s latest conference call, the mega publisher confirmed that a Dragon Age sequel will be released between January and March of 2011. In a press release dated February 8th, EA revealed it’s calendar for fiscal year 2011. Among the titles in the calender, is “Dragon Age Title TBA”. However Bioware did reveal that Dragon Age: Origins will in fact have a two year DLC plan, so it is unclear at this point if this cryptic message is revealing a date for a sequel or an additional expansion pack.

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