PlayStation Home Boasts Impressive Figures

After many delays and extensive beta testing, PlayStation Home is finally coming into its own. In one of the last panel meetings of this year’s Games Developer Conference, PlayStation Home director Jack Buser gave some impressive figures that should easily impress even the most severe Home naysayers. Numbers across the board are up, and the community is finally creating a niche within the PS3 fanbase.

Buser said that 12 million PS3 owners have connected to the PlayStation Home service. That’s two million more than what was reported last December. Not only do users log on, but they stay on. Roughly 85% users return to Home, and each visit averages about an hour. And while the presentation was geared more towards developers, Buser did say something of interest:

“You’re going to see us really embrace this idea of total game integration [to] really extend out the experience of your games.”

Do you still go onto PlayStation Home? Now that the service has seen this much success, Sony can’t just dump it now. What are your thoughts? Post your reponses in the comments section below.