Black Creator Has Pop Inspiration

Black was a FPS developed by Criterion Games and released for the PS2 and Xbox. The game featured intense action and killing hundreds of enemies in unique, cinematic ways. The creator of Black, Stuart Black, recently unveiled his new game called Bodycount. Bodycount will focus on destructible cover, and the inspiration for the game is surprising. I’ll give you a hint. It involves a disco stick, telephone, and poker faces.

Stuart Black has stated that Lady Gaga was a huge inspiration for Bodycount. Black saw Lady Gaga perform in Glastonbury last July and “was just blown away by her performance. The power of it, the creativity. I found that incredibly exciting.” As a result, Body count will feature gameplay that Black describes as “heightened ridiculousness.”  Not much is know about the game, besides that it will be an arcade-like FPS, that is aiming to surpass Black in terms of cinematic action sequences. The game is currently scheduled to release sometime in 2011. Sadly, the game has not been confirmed to have any spontaneous dance sequences or flamboyant wardrobe.