Bodycount Tallies Up a Release Date

Fans of the cult classic shooter Black have been waiting a long time for a sequel, and while it technically isn’t a sequel, Bodycount might just be the closest to one that we’ll see. It’s been a long wait, but now we finally know when we’ll get our hands on it.

Stuart Black created Black several years ago to great critical success, and moved on to create the visionary direction for the new IP from Codemasters, Bodycount. While he may have started the project, Black had already moved on to other things by the end of last year, but that hasn’t stopped the Codemasters team from continuing to make progress, and now they’re ready to tell us when we can start shooting. On August 30th North America will see the game, and shortly after it will hit shelves in Europe, the Middle East, and Australia (EMEA) on September 2nd.

That’s great and all, but we really haven’t seen a lot of the game, with much of the anticipation based upon the game being developed by the creator of Black. Fortunately, we’ve dug up a couple new trailers, one of which shows some pretty intense fight scenes, and the other being a cinematic that seems to introduce us to two opposing characters or forces.

We already know that the game has been rated 15 by the BBFC, and that there will only be 10 minutes of cutscenes in the game, which hopefully is just an indication that Codemasters has really focused on the gameplay. You’ve already watched a minute and a half of those cutscenes, so if you’re interested, hopefully you’re in it for the shooting. Bodycount is still aiming to set itself apart from the plentiful other shooters on the market, especially regarding Call of Duty and Battlefield, which is a difficult but commendable goal. Here’s hoping they reach it, and we’ll let you know how that turns out when we get our hands on Bodycount later this summer.