PlayStation Home Flies You to the Moon

March 17, 2010Written by Dan Massi

PlayStation Home is known for its amazing and sometimes ludicrous spaces. These spaces, however, always seem to be down on Earth. But now, a new space is emerging, and it’s out of this world.

Sony and GAME have announced a new space today for PlayStation Home: The GAME Moonbase. The space will launch on March 18th, and will be a place to find out about upcoming PlayStation releases and activities. This new space will be a digitized version of the Moon and will feature a two-story Moonbase. The Moonbase’s ground floor will have poster sites, a video screen, and four internet terminals. The second floor will be an event area, featuring a dance-floor, meeting places, another video screen, and billboards.

The new space will also have a new mini-game, titled Lunar Leap. The game will have Home avatars boosting themselves through zero gravity across a giant crater, and landing safely on lunar pads (within a time frame). Players who complete the game will receive a free GAME space suit for their avatars. The space will also include sneak previews, plus PlayStation related content exclusive to the GAME Moonbase.