Airships Return in Final Fantasy Versus XIII

One of the major complaints given to Square Enix concerning Final Fantasy XIII has been its extreme linearity throughout the game.  Well if you are worried that Final Fantasy Versus XIII, set to release exclusively for the PS3, will fall into the same trap then recent comments made by Tetsuya Nomura could possibly lay those fears to rest.

In a recent interview over on the Square Enix Members Twitter Account, Nomura answered a few questions for Final Fantasy fans.  One of the questions asked was concerning how close to complete Versus was.  To this he responded,

“Not everything is connected together, so the various areas have different levels of progress. However, you can fly across the world map in an air ship.”

Its great to see a return to the air ships and world map, meaning that this game should be a bit more open for those wanting that sort of thing.  Big thanks to for the translation.