God of War III, $33 Million Day 1 Sales

Sony’s God of War franchise has been a success, especially when you take into consideration the mature content is a barrier to a segment of the marketplace. God of War III is proving to be the true series titan. Kratos has already been welcomed into well over half a million homes.

As we reported earlier God of War III is enjoying strong sales leadership via various retail venues. Gamasutra has revealed that God of War III is dominating this weeks console software sales already. VGChartz has some figures available reporting 450,000 fans of the series had pre-orders locked in place and estimates indicate 550,000 units sold in the US day one alone.  At $59.99 each that rings in well over $33 million in sales.

With the God of War franchise as a whole nearing 10 million units before God of War III, it seems Kratos could have the potential to increase his fan-base by 20% – 40% by the time the dust settles.

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