David Cage’s Next Project “Very Different”…”Very Surprising”

Quantic Dream‘s David Cage, the director of Heavy Rain and the PlayStation 2 cult hit Fahrenheit is known for his artistic take on gaming. During the recent GDC, Geoff Keighley of GTTV got some face time with David.  The interview spoke about the recently released Taxidermist DLC as well as Cage’s next project. The interview aired on tonight’s GTTV on SpikeTV.

For those holding out for some kind of spin-off or sequel to Heavy Rain, your hopes lie with DLC. It sounds like David is looking to branch out somewhat. Whether or not this means a step away from interactive dramas and thrillers is unclear.

David explains to Keighley about his next project:

I have written the next game, [I] have a very clear idea.  Its not fully written, its in the synapses stage, but I have a very clear idea of where I want to go next.  I don’t want just to make a some kind sequel or whatever. I really want to continue to explore and discover new things and experiment, this is what I am really excited about.

Cage continued:

It’s going to be very different  and I think its going to be very surprising.

When Keighley commented on the game probably being a far off notion, Cage rebutted him:

Yeah maybe less then you think.

With the recent revelation of David’s intent to include motion controls in Heavy Rain it would not be surprising to hear his next project will make use of the PlayStation Move. Cage’s reply may indicate that Quantric Dream will have something to show at this years E3.  Considering the long development times between games, its highly unlikely. I guess we will have to wait and see.