PlayStation 3 Shortages May Last “Months”

When the PlayStation 3 debuted in November 2006, so many people were wrapped up in the in the Wii hype that stores were forced to put signs proclaiming Wii was sold out. Ironically, at the time they had many PS3s in stock, albeit for a premium. It seems the tables have turned, as a PS3 shortage has begun, with a possibility months of waiting, according to one of the biggest players in the industry.

GameStop is reporting that gamers looking to purchase a PS3 will have to wait “months” until a purchase. Executive VP of Merchandising Tony Bartel said that he expects the shortage to last into the summer.

“Obviously it’s a question we ask the platform holders constantly. I can tell you that we do anticipate we will be in this situation, at least with the PlayStation 3, for another couple months unfortunately because we could sell a lot more hardware than what we have on both the PS3 and Wii platform. We do believe the Wii will come into stock quicker than the PS3, so we do anticipate that those shortages should abate sometime before the next couple months. But I don’t have clarity as to why there is a shortage other than because of the unprecedented hardware demand in December, and I think we are still scrambling to catch up from the surge that occurred.”