Black 2 Interest is Flattering to Electronic Arts

After four years with the Burnout series, developer Criterion Games surprised fans with their first-person shooter Black. Stuart Black, the game’s creator, debuted a title that changed things up for the genre, and introduced the term “Gun-Porn.” While Stuart’s latest title, Bodycount, had garnered much positive attention, fans of Black are disappointed he is not working on Black 2.

As Stuart Black is no longer with Criterion Games, and has since joined with Codemasters, it’s still possible for a Black 2 to emerge with development by the Burnout developer. However, Electronic Arts does not see this happening.

“The team is always flattered by the vast number of requests for a sequel to Black, ever since it launched. However, there are no plans for the foreseeable future for a sequel to Black. The team is very focused on Need For Speed”

Bodycount hits PS3 early 2011, and is in development at Codemasters Studios Guildford. Criterion Games is currently at work on an unannounced Need for Speed title, rumored to release this year.