PS3 Slim Retail Pack Hides a Top Secret Portal

PS3 Slim

The PS3 Slim ushered in a smaller, more efficient PlayStation 3 console. Not only was it easier on the wallet, the unit is much cooler temperature-wise as well. The slim deserves much of the credit for Sony‘s resurgence in this generation of console war and it looks like they have a few more tricks up their sleeve. The latest batch of PlayStation 3 Slims hide a small but effective secret. Full details are below.

Currently most of the PS3 slim retail packaging have PlayStation box tape covering a small portal.  Earlier retail packaging was not designed in this manner. This is very similar to guitar / band kits available which enabled the game to be packed in after it leaves the factory. Sony has not officially announced a game pack-in to utilize this, but clearly they have plans for ad-hoc bundling in the future. This feature applies to both the 120 and 250 GB PS3 Slim hardware.

This definitely offers Sony some flexibility when creating bundles for the latest and greatest titles.  There is no real interruption at the factory level unless the bundle involves cross-branding.  A benefit to the consumer and Sony is cost control. Does this cheapen the game bundle if its your favorite game being tossed in? Or is this just a wise move in a soft economy?


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