Jaffe Has a Million Hopes For Kratos

It’s no secret by now that God of War III is one of the best games the PlayStation 3 has to offer. A couple of days from now, it will officially be one week old and already one of the developers of the original game is anticipating big sales numbers from Kratos.

Industry renowned God of War creator David Jaffe expresses his feelings about God of War III every step of the way in his blog. He recently stated that he is expecting God of War III sales to reach 1 million in it’s first week:

“Can’t wait to see the God of War 3 sales figures for the week. Did they do a million in the first 7 days?? I Hope so! That would make it the biggest GOW launch week by a looooong shot! “

What do you think? Will Kratos reach the almighty 1 million copy milestone in his first week? Post your comments below and let us know.