Pachter: ‘PS3 is More Powerful Than 90% of PCs’

From day one, the PlayStation 3 has been regarded as an incredibly powerful machine. However, many individuals over the past few years, especially those on the PC gaming front, have argued that the only way to play games was on a PC and that game consoles just cannot live up to that gold standard.

As if we couldn’t already tell, times are changing quite rapidly, and many of those individuals who may have regarded the gaming rig PC as the platform of choice for multi-platform titles, have been steadily changing their tune as game consoles, more importantly the PS3, are producing visuals in games that are just as good, if not better than that of their PC counterparts.

This notion was put on blast loud and clear on the most recent episode of “Pach Attack!”, as Wedbush Securities analyst and all around financial gaming guru Robert Pachter stated the following:

“The PC market, if you think about it, just as package products sold – and let’s include steam in there, but not subscriptions like World of Warcraft, is something like six or seven percent of total games sales – it’s not a big number”, he said.

“It’s becoming a declining industry because you can get a near PC experience on a console right now and I know flamers, you all have PCs that just crap all over the PS3 and are much, much more powerful. But the PS3 is a pretty powerful box and it’s probably more powerful than 90 percent of the PCs out there.”

Pachter also said that “the [Xbox] 360 is probably more powerful than 85 percent of the PCs out there.”

Even though Mr. Pachter is human just like the rest of us, he’s very much correct, and in addition to the way game consoles are now being integrated into almost every aspect of out entertainment experience, I wouldn’t be surprised if we’re surfing the web and computing primarily on game consoles (if they’re still called that) over the next 2-3 gaming generations, as console developers like Sony and Microsoft aim to cram more and more features and functionality into these processing beasts.

Have you ever leaned toward PCs to fulfill your gaming needs, or have consoles been your primary “go-to” device for pure gaming goodness? Do you think the PS3 will ultimately make PC gaming irrelevant? Let us know in the comments below!