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Loot Boxes

Michael Pachter Thinks Loot Boxes Exist Because “Consumers Are Stupid”

Consumers like spending money on rare items.

detroit become human sales

Analyst Estimates Detroit: Become Human Will Sell Around 3-4 Million Copies

Michael Pachter believes the game is somewhat niche.

PS4 system update 5.50 beta

According to Michael Pachter, PlayStation 5 and Future Consoles Won’t be $500

History says he could be right.

PS5 release date

Michael Pachter Revises PS5 Release Date Claim, Expects It in 2020

When will we see a PS4 Pro successor?

console warranty

Pachter Thinks Sony Will Drop the PS4 & PS4 Pro Price By $50 This Holiday

… after previously saying the PS4 would drop by $100 this year.

PS5 release date

Michael Pachter Thinks the PS5 Will Release in 2019, Will Play PS4 Games

It’s coming sooner rather than later.

Michael Pachter Claims PS4 Price Will Drop to $199 in 2017

“I think Sony is intent upon keeping Microsoft in distant second.”

Analyst Michael Pachter Critical of Sony’s E3 History, Writes Off 2016 Conference

“The ten biggest disappointments from E3 of all time, they would all be from Sony’s press conferences.”

Pachter Believes the PlayStation VR Price Will Be Sony’s Biggest Announcement at E3 2016

“I would imagine E3, that would be their big announcement.”

Sony Is Set up to Dominate With PlayStation VR “If They Have the Ability to Price Sub $500,” Says Pachter

HTC Vive is $799 and launches in April.

Pre-owned Game Sales Enable GameStop to Survive in Consumer Electronics Business, Says CFO

The company is looking forward to VR.

Star Wars Battlefront Sold 12 Million Copies in 2015, According to Analyst

Disney Infinity is the #1 toys-to-life franchise.

Pachter on This Holiday Season’s Console War: “Sony Probably Wins”

“Nintendo has no chance to be successful in consoles this holiday.”

GameStop CEO Believes “Disc-Based Games Will Be Around Forever,” Pachter Thinks “Console Death Will Take Decades”

GameStop will be “the destination for VR.”

Pachter: Console Installed Base Is “As Big as It’s Ever Going to Get,” PS4 Will Sell 120 Million Units

This generation “is not going to be bigger than the last generation.”

Pachter Predicts: No PS4 or Xbox One Price Cut at E3 2015 (Update)

The PS3 and Xbox 360, however, should get cuts of at least $50.

Mass Effect 4 and Mirror’s Edge 2 Will Be Released This Fiscal Year, Predicts Pachter

That would mean they would come out before April 2016!

The Order: 1886 Could Sell 10-12 Million Copies in 2015, Says Pachter

That would be a whole lot of sales.

Pachter: “If the Price of the PS4 Comes Down to $349, Everybody Wins”

He sees Sony as more willing to finish in 2nd if they sell a lot of consoles, while Microsoft wants to win.

Pachter, Other Analysts Predict Xbox One and PS4 Numbers for 2015

Will Xbox One or PS4 lead in 2015?