Pachter Believes the PlayStation VR Price Will Be Sony’s Biggest Announcement at E3 2016

At 2pm PT/5pm ET today in San Francisco, Sony will host a PlayStation VR press event, where new details about the device could potentially be announced. According to analyst Michael Pachter though, he thinks they’ll save the biggest details until E3 in June.

Speaking with GamingBolt last week, Pachter said that he thinks Sony’s biggest announcement at E3 2016 will be the PlayStation VR price:

I think that PlayStation VR will be a big deal [for Sony at E3 this year]. They’re showing it at GDC, hands-on, and we’ve all seen it a bunch. I would imagine E3, that would be their big announcement. So you’re gonna have Oculus, and Vive in the marketplace by E3, and I think that Sony is kind of under the gun to announce pricing. So I think that will be the biggest announcement from Sony at E3.

Reiterating that Sony could dominate the virtual reality market if they come in under $500, Pachter says consumers don’t really care if PlayStation VR isn’t as powerful as the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive:

A lot of people push back, and say that it’s underpowered… but, you know, and I’ll have a better feel for this next week when I get my hands on it at GDC, but I don’t think most consumers really care. I think VR is fun, and it’s novel, and the point is, if I get a ‘dumbed down’ version of it for $500, instead of a super high quality one for $1500, I’ll take the $500 version all day long.

What are you expecting from Sony’s press event today?

[Source: GamingBolt]