Sony Is Set up to Dominate With PlayStation VR “If They Have the Ability to Price Sub $500,” Says Pachter

With the Oculus Rift out in March for $599, and the HTC Vive out in April for $799, analyst Michael Pachter says Sony could dominate with PlayStation VR if they keep the price under $500:

Answering some questions related to this tweet, Pachter said, “You betcha…” when asked if PSVR’s first year sales predictions at a $400 – $500 price would be similar to PlayStation Move’s.

Someone else brought up that price is only half the battle and performance is also a major factor, prompting Pachter to say, “Agree, but there is a reason McDonald’s sells more meals than a steakhouse does. Price is the biggest driver, > half.”

Previously, Sony’s Andrew House said PSVR would be priced as a new gaming platform, while SuperData estimates a price tag of $400 – $600. Although GameStop said PSVR would be out this fall, Sony explained that “GameStop was purely speculating. We have not announced our launch plans.”

[Source: Michael Pachter (Twitter), HTC Vive]