Pre-Owned Video Games Now on 7-11 Store Shelves

The battle against used games continues to rages on. Why? As stores selling used games are the ones getting profit, and not the actual developer. However, that hasn’t stopped stores across the globe to introduce used games across their chains – the most recent one being 7-11.

Yes, 7-11 has introduced used games in their stores. The convenience store began to sell games two years ago, and like Best Buy and Walmart, have dived into a used game experiment. Although 7-11’s used game collection hasn’t taken off yet, it may eventually. Digthatbox reports that the used games they found are ones that can be easily spotted on the front counter. On the Sony side, 7-11 sells used games across all platforms – except for PS1. Digthatbox found “decent” PS2 games, PSP titles, and even Batman: Arkham Asylum (PS3), for under $20.

If you’re home is near a 7-11, does your store sell used games?