PS3 Review – MLB 10: The Show

It seemed as if almost every game I played with my catcher just ‘happened’ to be a tie, which means, extra innings. Now in real life baseball extra innings is less than a common occurrence. My catcher seemed to be a lightning rod for a tie game. This did create a higher degree of challenge, but was a little much to stomach from a game that claims to be the most realistic baseball around. Overall it certainly deducted from the realism.

Last year RTTS had you participating in a Spring Game for the team that drafted you. Now you begin your career in Double A class and have to work your way to Spring Training. After creating your character, you will soon learn you stink. Road To The Show or Baseball: The RPG, which I like to call it, grades you on certain goals. One goal during a game might be to reach base safely. When you are a completely new rookie, it’s extremely tough to get any points besides negative ones. This is a point of frustration in the game as it is difficult to improve your character and get anywhere if the Double A players are schooling you. There are skill point packages to buy off the PSN to ‘help’ you along the way (gee thanks). Certainly takes a layer off the whole ‘realism’ factor and a bit of the reward for finally making your player into a Major League prospect.

Even though the RTTS mode has a few minor flaws, thankfully the gameplay is 100% fun, that is, until you go online. Since The Show has been launched there have been two 300MB+ patches to download. These were supposed to eliminate lag and glitches but do not seem to be all that effective. While playing ‘StraightPippin’ the other night online, my opponent’s batter hit the ball to third. My third basemen launches the ball to the first base, unfortunately the first baseman misses the throw which then flies into the dugout and then a mile into the crowd! The camera stayed fixed on the crowd who just stared back at me. Mr. Pippin and I sat confused while he runs and scores two runs. Oh brother.

On another online match, I had hit a foul ball, then somehow my opponent’s outfielder bent his body half-way through the stands and catches the ball. Glitches like these mire the online greatly and lag can rears its ugly head at the worst of times. Trying to get that third out while you’re on defense. It sucks to see your fast ball you aimed at the inside of the pitcher’s box sail to the other side for a ball. Or perhaps when at bat, the pitcher releases the ball, LAG, ball re-appears before you swing, LAG, you’re out, and you’re left wondering ‘What just happened!?!’.

Even though the rest of the game shines brightly, the shoddy online mode and various game changing glitches dull its sheen. They are not deal breakers, just great annoyances. Although when you could potentially lose a close game because the game screws you over, it’s hard to be awed by what makes the game great. Thankfully the Baseball season isn’t over until October so there will be more patches that will likely solve most of these bugs.

MLB 09: The Show was noticeably missing the popular Home Run Derby mode. For those who cried at the lack of the feature last year, the good news is, it’s back and fun as ever! It was the very first thing I did after the game finished installing the 5GB of data.  It is hard to resist the chance to be the home run king. MLB 10: The Show’s list of features even more robust than ever before. The team over at San Diego Studios added full online season leagues, over 1,250 new animations for players, a movie maker mode and much, much more. There is so much to see and do in this game that it I couldn’t possibly cover it all in the scope of this review. The entry fee of $60 is a small price for what seems like two games worth of content.

Growing up I dreamed of one day playing baseball in the MLB. While I am still waiting on that call, MLB 10: The Show is the closest you’ll ever come to experience playing baseball for a Major League Team. The sheer polish and level of detail mostly overcome the share of problems that hinder it. They don’t stop this from being one of the years best sports titles and the premier baseball game for PlayStation 3 owners. Any fan of baseball, owes it to themselves to add MLB 10: The Show to your collection. It will be hard to put down before the release of MLB 11: The Show.

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PlayStation LifeStyle’s Final Score

Amazing Graphics and Presentation.

The Road To The Show v4.0 continues its greatness.

Glitches and Laggy Online play hold it back.

9 out of 10