Atlus Working Towards New Persona

The Persona series is growing in popularity with each new release in the series.  In fact Persona 3 and 4 on the PS2 have been called the best RPG’s during there release window by many writers including yours truly.  It only makes sense that with a strong following and good sales that Atlus would come through with a 5th installment of the series.

In a recent interview with Japanese magazine Dengeki PlayStation, Katsura Hashino, the director and producer of the 3rd and 4th Persona stated,

“We are preparing to start work on the next Persona.”

“I want to add things that are being expected of the series,” Hashino added. “I also want to change things that can be changed within those boundaries.”

Hopefully this next Persona is in fact the 5th installment and if it is, I think its fair to say it could be making the leap the PS3.  We will hopefully hear more about this situation during the year.