PS3 Preview – Iron Man 2

The Iron Man feature film was both a critical and commercial success. However, the videogame tie-in, developed by Secret Level didn’t exactly receive the same success. The game was released to a harsh reception from fans and pundits alike. However, Iron man 2: The Video Game is looking to change that by allowing players to truly feel the power of Iron Man with massive new destructible terrains, epic enemy encounters, and an innovative combat system.

This brand-new tale in Iron Man 2 will take gamers deeper into the Iron Man comic world, adding to the excitement surrounding the upcoming Paramount Studios and Marvel film. Iron Man 2 will feature a chance to play against enemies such as the unforgettable Crimson Dynamo, who is sadly not found in the film.

Iron Man 2’s original plotline sees Tony Stark gifting the world with new technology in order to make it a better place. However, his philanthropic nature isn’t enough to keep the enemies away as Iron Man’s enemies have devious designs on the technology. Tony Stark/Iron Man will be forced to fight in epic battles, face huge enemies and in the end, the fate of the world will be left in his powerful hands where he will battle to save it from destruction.

Iron Man 2 will undoubtedly be improving dramatically into a richer and more interactive Iron Man world. The second installment in the action series allows you to take full advantage of the Iron Man suit where they can then battle through futuristic environments inspired by the movie tie-in as well as the comic book. These environments will also offer a new level of destructibility, making each encounter with enemies a more exciting and intense experience – something which its predecessor was lacking.

Developers Secret Level are looking to incorporate enticing new gameplay, with hand-to-hand combat styles and a better control system; Iron Man 2 has taken fan feedback into consideration and will have a redesigned control scheme, making it fun and accessible for gamers to feel the power and strength of Iron Man. It’s refreshing to see developers who actually listen to fans and take the criticism and turn it into improvements, leading to a more polished game – a ‘la Army of Two: The 40th Day.

Players will be given the opportunity to suit up as War Machine aka Lt. Colonel James Rhodes, who is Iron Man’s close friend. Gamers will have the option to customize their suites with ultimate firepower and weaponry, giving a more polished core gameplay element.

Fans will certainly be hoping as long as the game can manage a good pace of action and at the same time delivering a fluid combat system, then it just may be a decent movie-to-game adaptation. Iron Man 2 releases on multiple platforms including the PlayStation 3 on April 30th, 2010, coinciding with the anticipated movie’s release which releases on May 7th.