Visceral Games Ponders 3D Dead Space 2

During a panel at PAX East this year, Visceral Games talked about the possibility of implementing 3D support into their next game, Dead Space 2. 3D is rapidly growing support in the video game industry due in large part to Sony’s commitment of bringing 3D capabilities to PlayStation 3’s later this year.

When responding to a question about 3D support, a Visceral Games employee talked about how 3D interferes with a games HUD:

“[It] doesn’t really get along with it cause it sorts of violates the space”

However, that isn’t a problem for Dead Space 2, which is HUD-less and is “a step ahead in that regard”. However, Visceral Games is not letting the 3D hoopla get in the way of their development. They are committed to bringing a “kick-ass game for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC”. Dead Space 2 is set to hit the PS3 early next year. PlayStation LifeStyle will stay on top of this developing situation and will be sure to bring you any further developments.