The PlayStation 3 Only Gets Greater

playstation 3

Sony announced today that the exclusive collection of PS3 titles, the “Greatest Hits“, are rapidly expanding, with some of the biggest and hottest titles of the past year. In all, 10 new titles are being added, which brings the total to a whopping 40. The $29.99 price tag coupled with the fact that these are some of the greatest games the PS3 has in its library, makes this an offer one cannot refuse.

Most notable of the inductees include Killzone 2, LittleBigPlanet, God of War: Collection and inFamous. Full list below:

Speaking on this momentous occasion, Scott A. Steinberg, vice president, product marketing, SCEA, had this to say about the titles:

“With a growing install base of more than 33 million PS3 systems worldwide, we’re seeing continued momentum on the PS3 platform. Our ‘Greatest Hits’ library is expanding faster than ever, and the quality of these titles is just phenomenal. From the start, we’ve been committed to delivering huge value to our consumers and we will continue to do so for the PS3 platform in 2010 and beyond.”

These certainly are some great games, that deserve to be bought. Hopefully their acceptance into the Greatest Hits program will push otherwise undecided buyers.