Red Dead Redemption Development was “Grueling”

April 3, 2010Written by Dan Massi

As many who follow the video game industry may know, the development process for any given game is quite a long arduous process. An open-world title, such as Red Dead Redemption, certainly takes along time to create. The title features a massive bustling world, with towns, people, animals, and much more.

With Rockstar Games having already produced the massive, sandbox styled open-worlds of Grand Theft Auto, you would think they’d have an easier time with Red Dead Redemption. Despite Rockstar’s experience with these types of games, Dan Houser, vice president of Rockstar Games, admits it wasn’t at all an easy process.

Dan Houser recently spoke with games™ magazine, speaking at one point on the development process with Rockstar Games‘ latest title, Red Dead Redemption.

“You simply could not make a game like Red Dead Redemption until this point – vast open areas of rolling wilderness, a complex, living ecosystem, a massive array of characters, side-quests all flowing together. This project has been long, gruelling and enormously challenging for us”

Red Dead Redemption releases May 18th in North America, and May 21st in PAL regions. To get a look at the title, read up on PlayStation LifeStyle’s Red Dead Redemption preview.