Free Realms Reaches Out to 10 Million Players

April 4, 2010Written by Cameron Teague

What better way to celebrate your first year on the MMO market then to announce that your user base has just reached epic proportions?  This is exactly the situation Sony Online Entertainment finds itself in with its free to play MMO Free Realms, which has just hit 10 million registered players in just under a year.  The game released April 28th of 2009 and since then has racked up milestone after milestone on its way to this impressive number.

Per the press release from SOE, players can expect to see decorations start to go up around Free Realms in the middle of this month.

Celebratory live community events, two new combat minigames, party hats and commemorative t-shirts for player avatars are just some of the new extras to look forward to. A new series of 15 birthday quests will also be added. Players are urged to participate in a large scale cake fight in order to help prevent the ruin of the Free Realms birthday bash by Cakenstein, a colossal monster made from cake recipes gone wrong.  This month, Members can also look forward to the release of new types of Rides like the rainbow-mane Unicorn, Beetle and Balloon Animal Pets, and Chick and Rabbit Pet Pals.

Still no word yet on when this will be hitting the PS3 so until then, if you have a PC to play this on, now is a great time to try out this game.