Flower Soundtrack Floating to PSN

April 6, 2010Written by Zak Islam

That Game Company’s PlayStation Network title, Flower, is one of the most unique and successful titles on the PlayStation Store. One of the aspects which made this PlayStation exclusive a success is its soothing and relaxing soundtrack. Sony plans to release it to the public soon.

Flower’s official soundtrack will be coming out this Thursday with the PlayStation Store’s regular update. Included will be eight tracks from the game and over an hour’s worth of music, all for the price of $2.99. The award-winning music composer and audio designer behind Flower’s soundtrack, Vincent Diamante, revealed some thoughts about creating the soundtrack.

Looking back, a year-plus removed from working on Flower, it’s hard for me to remember anything but wonderful times with Sony and thatgamecompany. Then I think a bit harder and remember: the fights. Not fights amongst us developers, no. Besides, that comes part and parcel in the process of game development. Rather, the fights happened within the music. All-out brawls between themes, lines, instruments, harmonies as the music struggled to find identity when Flower was just this bud of a game.

Ostensibly, I was the one in control, penning each note in my music synthesizer as environment after environment demanded score. Not just any score, though; an ambitious score where the number of instruments present in the music ultimately dictated a different perspective on the game. From that simple directive, I codified a way of writing the music that would result in the interactive score I dreamt of.

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