More Splinter Cell: Conviction PS3 Evidence, New Assassin’s Creed for 2010

Last week, PlayStation LifeStyle revealed an interesting find on a LinkedIn profile belonging to an Ubisoft employee. The listing showed Splinter Cell: Conviction, which is known for its Microsoft-exclusivity, as in development for PS3. While Ubisoft was quick to dismiss this listing, they can’t seem to put it down – as it’s come up yet again.

Michael Donnell, a 3D animator at Ubisoft Montreal, has listed Splinter: Cell Conviction for PS3 in his LinkedIn profile, which has described his past and current video game projects. Also, Donnell listed a new Assassin’s Creed title (though it did not have a specific platform), for release this year.

Splinter Cell: Conviction releases later this month on Xbox 360 and PC. Will it eventually make it to the PS3? All of this evidence, no matter how many times Ubisoft tries to bury it under the rug, leads us to believe Sam Fisher will eventually sneak onto the PlayStation 3.