Ubisoft Employee Lists Splinter Cell: Conviction for PS3 [UPDATE]

The prospect of Splinter Cell: Conviction on the PS3 has been a hot topic ever since it was announced. After the last round of rumors were debunked, we expected it to be the end of the chatter about the game coming to the PS3. However, a recent finding on LinkedIn offers a glimmer of hope for Splinter Cell: Conviction sneaking onto the PS3.

Marc Demers, lead software engineer at Ubisoft Montréal, has listed Splinter Cell: Conviction for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC, on his LinkedIn account.

Many titles have been incorrectly listed for the wrong platforms before, and at this point there is nothing to indicate otherwise. However, considering this employee at Ubisoft worked on Splinter Cell: Conviction perhaps he knows more then the marketing camp does. With the exception of portable platforms Sam Fisher has always appeared on all major platforms. Perhaps this will turn out to be a uber double secret timed exclusive and PlayStation 3 owners will get to play Sam Fisher’s latest adventure, eventually.

Thanks Kendrick for the tip!

[UPDATE] Marc Demers has removed the PS3 platform for Splinter Cell: Conviction.