Splinter Cell Remake Director Leaves Ubisoft

Splinter Cell Remake Can Be Completed Without Killing Anyone

Ubisoft has revealed that Splinter Cell Remake will allow players to complete a Pacifist run without killing anyone, unlike the original. The 2002 game required players to kill several times even if they opted for a full stealth run. However, this time around, we won’t have to hide any bodies. According to Ubisoft, players will now have more tools to de-escalate situations.

Full stealth is an important pillar of Splinter Cell remake

Creative director Chris Auty said in a recent video interview that it’s important to give players a sense of mastery when playing the game, and one way to get that feeling of perfection is to allow a complete pacifist run. “Stealth is an extremely important pillar for us, and we aim to incorporate modern design philosophies, improving the minute-to-minute stealth gameplay that was so special in the original,” Auty explained. “Sam, being the ultimate covert field agent, has an enormous array of tools and abilities, gadgets, and movements at his disposal.”

Sam will have the ability to react to situations in a split second. This includes abilities like high jumps to avoid contact after alerting an enemy or finding himself surrounded after a tense situation.

Splinter Cell remake has yet to be dated.