God of War III Ending Demystified

April 7, 2010Written by Dan Massi

Pretty much everything in God of War III was praised by all. The game’s graphics, the story, the controls, and of course, Kratos himself. However, one gripe with GOWIII that many were not pleased with – was the game’s ending. Now, the director of the title, Stig Asumussen, has come forth to explain it. Just a note, if you don’t want God of War III spoiled, then don’t read this article. Seriously, don’t. Seriously.

Asumussen recently spoke with French Official PlayStation Magazine, and talked (what else?) God of War III. One of the highlights of the interview was the discussion on the game’s mystery ending – which left many scratching their heads.

French PS Mag: We want to know…. Is this the end of Kratos? Is he really dead?

Stig: At the end of the game, if we pay attention to the sound, we hear the breath of Kratos which is finally stopped. Meanwhile, we also hear a laugh, a laugh of being relieved. To be honest, I don’t know. It’s an ending with an opening – I don’t know if Athena will take him away, or someone else will, whether or not he is still alive.

God of War III released March 16th, to rave reviews – including our own. Check it out, or may Kratos strike you down!