Quantum Theory Shooting Its Way to Summer Release

Tecmo Koei excited PlayStation 3 owners when they announced that Quantum Theory would be released as a PS3 exclusive, soon after the game turned multiplatform. Already receiving several delays, Tecmo Koei has announced when the shooter will be arriving.

Quantum Theory was originally slated for a March release, but was then pushed back to a later date in 2010. Recently, Tecmo Koei America has told DualShockers:

Quantum Theory has been pushed back until Summer 2010. There isn’t a solid release date just yet, but keep your eyes peeled for an announcement soon.

Tecmo Koei has confirmed to VG247 that it will be releasing this summer:

Quantum Theory is slated for a summer release. It always has been since the initial push-back a couple of months ago.

Quantum Theory has been heavily compared to Epic’s Gears of Wars series. Check out the screenshots of the once PS3 exclusive to see why.