Quantum Theory Shoots Critics With New Screens & Release Date

Tecmo had excited fans when they announced Quantum Theory would be released as a PS3 exclusive, but they ate their own words as they decided to turn it multiplatform. Tecmo Koei’s have announced when the shooter will be making its way to the UK.

In a already populated western shooter market, Tecmo’s latest attempt comes in the form of what once was a PS3 exclusive, Quantum Theory. Tecmo-Koei have confirmed to CVG that the title will be released on March 26, 2010 in the UK. In a month blessed with so many titles such as the likes of God Of War III and Final Fantasy XIII, one wonders if gamers will take the time to try the 3rd person shooter out.

Heavily compared to Epic’s Gears Of War series, Quantum Theory has received some new screenshots to showcase its potential to the shooter scene. Check them out below: