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Hideo Kojima: Console Gaming is not the Future

April 8, 2010Written by Ray Conley

Hideo Kojima is a very well respected name in the industry. His library of work has spanned over 15 platforms since his start back in 1986. His latest work, Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, is nearing release in Japan. During a recent launch conference, Kojima had some interesting comments about the future of gaming.

The MGS creator stated that he believes platform gaming will not be the focus of the future, but networks for players to access anywhere:

In the near future, we’ll have games that don’t depend on any platform.  Gamers should be able to take the experience with them in their living rooms, on the go, when they travel — wherever they are and whenever they want to play. It should be the same software and the same experience.

Kojima further added that he believes the release of his new Sony PSP installment will help his development team get a better focus of his vision for future portable gaming.

While we appreciate Hideo’s foresight into the future of gaming, there is some hope that he will continue to lend the Playstation 3 his brilliance, while not completely abandoning the platform industry as he seeks out his future endeavors.