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Square Enix Lends their Talent to MGS: Peace Walker

April 8, 2010Written by Ray Conley

Well-renowned RPG developer Square Enix has a tried and true history of surpassing fans’ expectations in the gaming industry since their merge back in 2003 (Square Soft and Enix Corp.). Fast-forward seven years later, and the company hasn’t lost any steam whenever the element of surprise is needed to bolster a product, even if the focus isn’t exactly on one of their own titles.  We recently received one surprise announcement, and now Square Enix has joined one particular fray to put momentum behind Sony’s next big PSP installment.

In a recent tweet by one of Square Enix developers, Shinji Hashimoto hinted at a surprise that would be announced sometime this week.  And surprisingly enough, the announcement relates to a product that will be focused on Kojima’s Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker.

Square Enix will be taking charge of producing a line of MGS figurines that will include Snake and other boss characters for the initial release sometime in June.  In the past, Square Enix has also proven to be successful with the line of action figures for their Final Fantasy Series, Kingdom Hearts, and Bayonetta, just to name a few.

While most of us were anticipating an announcement for Final Fantasy XIV, I can’t feel completely let down since the action figures’ detail looks phenomenal.