Square Enix to Unveil Surprise This Week

April 5, 2010Written by Zak Islam

Series fans immensely enjoyed the re-release of Final Fantasy VII and VIII as PSOne classics, with the classics topping PSN sales charts week after week. However, Final Fantasy IX has been mysteriously missing from the PlayStation Store. The game was the topic of discussion at a recent Square Enix meeting. Now, Square Enix is teasing a surprise for later this week and hopefully it will be FFIX, which some claim to be the best Final Fantasy in the franchise.

Via the official Japanese Square Enix  Twitter, Producer of Final Fantasy IX Shinji Hashimoto said:

Good morning. It’s the start of a week. In Tokyo, rain has started. Please stick with us this week as well. We’re readying a small surprise this week too. Look forward to it. Hashimoto.

It could very well be official details about Final Fantasy IX, which was confirmed for the PlayStation Network recently.