Play As A Console, On Your Console

Think you’ve heard of every video game plot there is? Think again – the folks over at development/publishing house Compile Heart have come up with a novel idea for an RPG – play on your console as a console. More details on this as well as some magazine scans after the jump.

Titled Neptune, the game will feature a main character of the same name. This character is actually a fictional video game console that can turn into a woman to fight. What could a video game console possibly have to fight? Piracy. In fact, the main antagonist in this game is the goddess Majicon – the Japanese word for DS flash carts.

The game takes place in a universe known as Geimugyokai, or the games industry. Four different goddesses (potentially pictured above) each rule a different planet and are given different colored names – Green Heart, Black Heart, White Heart and Purple Heart. The planets’ names are: Lasdition (PlayStation 3), Rinbox (Xbox 360), Ruwii (Wii), and Platetume (Unknown).

Combat will be in traditional 3D, and Neptune will be able to summon guardian angels from actual games or pictures on the player’s PlayStation 3 console. Various game companies will also be in the game, such as Gust and Nippon Ichi.

PS3 on the left?

Whether this game has more satire like 3D Dot Game Heroes is yet to be seen, but the game releases this summer for the PlayStation 3 in Japan. It appears Compile Heart is searching for publishers in other parts of the world if a port is to be done.