Bioshock 2 – Trophy Guide

Distance Hacker (Bronze)

Used the Hack Tool to Hack an object at a distance

-This trophy is quite easy to get, because as soon as you acquire the hack tool, you are required to hack a door control panel. Hack the door control panel and this trophy is yours.

Prolific Hacker (Bronze)

Hacked one of each kind of machinery

-There are eight different machines to be hacked (it doesn’t matter whether you hack them directly or via hack tool). The machines are:

  • Door control panel
  • First Aid Station
  • Circus of Values
  • El Ammo Bandito
  • Security Camera
  • Security Bot
  • Security Turret
  • Safe

Master Hacker (Bronze)

Hacked 30 machines at a distance with the hack tool

-Simple enough–use the ‘Hack Tool’ to hack 30 machines. Just use the hack tool to hack every turret/security camera you see. You should get it halfway or three quarters through the story.

First Research (Bronze)

Researched a Splicer with the Research Camera

-As soon as you obtain the Research Camera, you are required to research one of the splicers–hit the ‘R2’ button and you will start filming. Once you kill the splicer you will get this trophy.

One Research Track (Bronze)

Maxed out one research track

To get this, all you have to do is level up your research on one enemy type (i.e splicer) by four levels(this is the last level of research). Can be easily done as soon as you get the camera–just research every thuggish splicer you see (just remember to use different combos of weapons and plasmids to get higher research points).

Research Master (Bronze)

Complete all research on every subject in Rapture

-This is one of the most time consuming trophies. As soon as you obtain the research camera (in Pauper’s Drop), you will be able to research your enemies by filming them. Each enemy type has four levels of research (with the fourth giving you a plasmid or tonic related to the subject). Using different combinations of plasmids and weapons will give you a higher score, which means faster filling of the research tracks. I suggest you use the camera as often as you can and research any and every enemy you see. There are nine subjects which you must research, listed below.

  • Thuggish Splicers: These are splicers with melee weapons. They are usually found during the early stages. Research them as soon as you obtain the camera.
  • Leadhead Splicers: These are splicers with guns and grenades. They are found throughout all stages, so researching them should be no problem.
  • Houdini Splices: These are splicers who turn invisible–they will throw fireballs at you (they’re easy to spot, unless they turn invisible). They first appear in Dionysus park, and you will see one as soon as you start the level. I suggest you try to research them as quickly as possible, as they offer a nice tonic called ‘Natural Camouflage,’ which when standing still turns you invisible. These Splicers are found throughout the game.
  • Spider Splicers: These are splicers that are able to stick to ceilings, perform acrobatics and they toss red hot hooks at you. They first appear in Siren Alley and will appear up to and including Dionysus Park. I suggest you research these fast, as they don’t appear on further levels.
  • Big Daddy: These are the enormous diving suits that accompany the little sisters everywhere. They first appear in Ryan Amusements and keep appearing until Fontaine Futuristics (where you deal with your last little sister). Easy to research, just use different combinations of weapons and plasmids.(Note: There is no difference when you research the Big Daddies whether they are the Bouncer, Rosie, or Rumbler models).
  • Big Sister: These are female (former Little Sisters) wearing diving suits. They appear only after you ‘deal’ with three Little Sisters. However in the penultimate level, another two Big Sisters appear. They are a bit tricky to research, as they are strong and fast. I suggest you try to do maximum damage to them while using  the camera, which means using different ammunition types of every weapon and different combinations of plasmids to get high research points.
  • Security: This consists of Security Cameras, Security Bots and Security Turrets (they all fall under the same category). They appear on all levels. An easy way to achieve this is to stand under a security camera and trigger the alarm, then just research the Security Bots and you should get this, but be warned you will need many first aids, or a health station nearby.
  • Brute Splicer: These are overgrown splicers, they are as big as the Big Daddies (hard to miss). They appear throughout the whole game. There are also tons of them on the last two levels, so if you haven’t fully researched them before then, its no problem, as there are five or more of them on the last two levels.
  • Alpha Series: These are similar to the Big Daddies, but look just like you. They use various weapons and melee. They First appear at Fontaine Futuristics and for the remainder of the game.

Grand Daddy (Silver)

Defeated 3 Big Daddies without dying during the fight

-For this trophy, you do not have to fight three Big Daddies at once–you just have to kill three of them without dying during the fight. Your first Big Daddy fight should be in Ryan Amusements, and the following two will be in Pauper’s Drop. I suggest saving before each fight with a Big Daddy to ensure you gain this trophy.

Adopted a Little Sister (Bronze)

Adopted a new Little Sister for the first time

-This is also a story related trophy, so it can’t be missed. After you defeat your first Big Daddy, you will be required to adopt a little sister.

Master Gatherer (Silver)

Gathered 600 ADAM with Little Sister

-For this trophy you have to adopt a Little Sister and harvest ADAM from corpses. Each Little Sister can harvest twice. It will take every Little Sister until the last one to get this trophy. (Note: You don’t have to keep the ADAM you harvest, you can spend it)

Fully Upgraded a Plasmid (Bronze)

Fully upgraded one Plasmid to the level 3 version

-Just level up one Plasmid to the third level and this is yours. The most inexpensive way to get this is to upgrade the ‘Electro Bolt’ Plasmid to the third level. First level is free, second level costs 120 ADAM, third level costs 240 ADAM.

All Plasmids (Bronze)

Found or Purchased  all 11 basic Plasmid types

-You have to find or purchase all the plasmids, except the last Plasmid, which you obtain from Eleanor(can’t be missed). Here’s a list of all the Plasmids including origin:

  • Electro Bolt: Eleanor’s gift, Adonis Luxury resort.
  • Telekinesis: Eleanor’s gift, Atlantic Express Depot.
  • Incinerate: Gatherers Garden, Ryan Amusements.
  • Cyclone Trap: Gatherers Garden, Pauper’s Drop.
  • Decoy: Gatherers Garden, Pauper’s Drop.
  • Hypnotize: Eleanor’s Gift, Pauper’s Drop.
  • Winter Blast: Gatherers Garden, Pauper’s Drop.
  • Insect Swarm: Gatherers Garden, Siren Alley.
  • Scout: Gatherers Garden, Siren Alley.
  • Security Command: Eleanor’s gift, Siren Alley.
  • Summon Eleanor: Eleanor’s gift, Persephone.