Konami Takes Life or Death Chance with Saw II

April 10, 2010Written by Dan Massi

Last October, gamers were thrown into the world of the insane serial killer, Jigsaw, with release of SAW: The Video Game. Developer Zombie Cow Studios successfully brought the famed horror series to video game consoles. It was like most games based on movie franchises, not as good as its silver screen counterpart. Will Konami and Zombie Cow Studios ever get the chance to redeem themselves in the eyes of gamers and horror movie fans alike?

Konami today announced the continuation of the SAW video game series, with the reveal of SAW II. The title will hit Fall 2010, on PS3, Xbox 360, and PC. Taking place between the second and third movies, players will take control of Michael, the son of the original game’s protagonist, Detective Tapp. Through seemingly unconnected events, Michael will find himself facing the murderer of his father – Jigsaw. Players will go up against various games Jigsaw has set up, and will be forced to use their intelligence in order to survive.

“The original SAW video game gave horror fans and gamers a new outlet to advance their favorite genre, but left them wanting more,” commented Martin Schneider, European Marketing & PR Director, Konami. “SAW 2 will give it to them, but be careful for what you wish for! Our successful partnership with Lionsgate allows us to advance the survival horror genre, giving players the most intense look into the SAW universe ever.”

SAW II will hit store shelves this Halloween.