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Red Dead Redemption Deal We Reckon You Won’t Want to Miss

April 11, 2010Written by Anthony Severino

One of this Spring’s most anticipated releases is Rockstar Games’ open-world, wild western shooter, Red Dead Redemption. Since we know the game is at the top of everyone’s must buy list, you might as well save some hard earned cash on it. We’ve got a deal on Red Dead Redemption we reckon’ you won’t want to miss.

On top of’s already lowered price of 56.99 on Red Dead Redemption, the world’s largest online retailer is also offering a $10 gift card with all pre-orders of the game. This isn’t Amazon’s normal $10 credit deal where a credit is applied to your account toward future video game purchases. Instead you’ll be given a $10 gift card within 10 business days after the game releases. This gift card isn’t restricted to video game purchases like the $10 credit is, you can use it on anything at Amazon.

If a low price and a $10 credit isn’t enough for you, there is one more part of this deal that makes it even sweeter. When you pre-order from Amazon, you will receive the “Golden Guns Weapon Pack” DLC.

Don’t be a fool, take 10 paces, turn and shoot on over to to pre-order Red Dead Redemption right now!