Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Team Decided Against Move

April 12, 2010Written by Dan Massi

When the PlayStation Move was officially unveiled, a lot of thoughts were going into what franchises could work with the motion controller. Ape Escape? Check. LittleBigPlanet? Check. SOCOM? Check. But, what about the well-known Castlevania franchise? Imagine utilizing the series iconic whip with ease, using the PlayStation Move? Unfortunately, we won’t know for sure yet, with the latest Castlevania release.

Konami’s David Cox has confirmed that his upcoming title, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, will not use PlayStation Move, although, the idea was considered at one point. Coming from his official Twitter account, Cox had this to say on the combination of PlayStation Move and Lords of Shadow.

No we aren’t using the playstation move in this game. We did look at it but decided against it.

Would you have liked to see Castlevania: Lords of Shadow with PlayStation Move compatibility? Post below!