Sony Targeting Core & Casual Gamers For PlayStation Move

April 12, 2010Written by Zak Islam

Similarly to the Nintendo Wii, the PlayStation Move will undoubtedly appeal to a broad range of gamers. Titles such as Move Party are mainly suited for casual gamers and games such as Socom 4 aimed at hardcore gamers. Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida has said that Sony will equally target both casual and hardcore gamers for the motion controller.

Speaking during an interview with EDGE, Shuhei Yoshida was asked how Sony’s focus was split between making Move appeal to a wider consumer base. Yoshida replied:

I would say 50:50. The precision of the Move system allows game designers to create games as simulations and games with much more depth than other motion-based game experiences. We are sure that hardcore gamers will appreciate and enjoy the challenge, with a much finer control over how they interact with the game and achieve greater success in those games.

SCEE’s head of developer services, Kish Hirani, stated that PlayStation Move is  relevant to traditional gaming markets.

As a hardcore gamer, I would play those traditional games but I wouldn’t finish them on PS3 – I’d go back to PC because I like the mouse and keyboard,” he said. “When the firstperson shooter jumped on to console – and it’s something we only really jumped on to in this console generation – everyone hoped people would start hooking up a mouse and keyboard and start playing. But then they said: “Wait a minute, gamepads already work”. What’s exciting for me is that I can definitely see myself playing SOCOM all the way through with a motion controller, especially in singleplayer. So that’s an exciting market I don’t think anyone’s tapped into

Also during the interview, Yoshida revealed there is more than 20 teams working on Move.

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