Dead Space 2 to Kick Series Up a Notch

April 14, 2010Written by Zak Islam

Dead Space introduced gamers to the next-generation of survival horror entertainment when it was released in 2008. The sequel, Dead Space 2, is looking to improve upon every aspect of its predecessor while maintaining terrifying and heart-stopping action at the same time.

During an interview with Relyonhorror, Dead Space 2’s producer, Steve Papoutsis revealed some more details about what the game will deliver to fans.

Dead Space 2 is going to be just as scary, gruesome, and tense as the original game.  The action comments are often misunderstood.  What we are trying to do is augment the tense sections with moments where Isaac feels more capable or like he has the upper hand for a change.  Remember Isaac has dealt with the Necromorphs before, he has learned some things, and so we want to give the player a chance to experience the upper hand.  That does not mean it changes the rest of the game.  These situations will still be scary and tense the only real difference is that they will also be a bit faster paced than the rest of the combat you might experience in the game.

Visceral Games has promised players that the action in Dead Space 2 will match the height of the Uncharted series. Dead Space 2 is currently scheduled for a release in Q1 2011.